If you’re convinced that driving to a larger airport instead of flying from Central Wyoming Regional Airport (formerly Riverton Regional) is always the best option, here are a few reasons why you should consider flying locally.

1 – Close to home

Utilizing an airport closer to home comes with multiple upsides. One of the biggest benefits is that it usually saves time. Even if you have slightly longer layovers, you won’t have several hours of road time. This becomes even more of a consideration during the winter when your drive time could potentially increase significantly due to inclement weather. Plus, who wants to drive on snowy and/or icy roads for hours? Also, spending a few hours in a vehicle to get home is often about the last thing you feel like doing at the end of a long trip.

Another fun perk of using the airport close to home? There’s a good chance you’ll run into friends and neighbors at the airport!

2 – Free Parking

Parking at Central Wyoming Regional Airport is always free. Parking fees at larger airports can really add up, especially for longer trips. At Salt Lake City International Airport, parking in the long-term economy parking lot (the least expensive option) is $10 per day. If you’re on a 5 day trip, that’s an additional $50. At Denver International Airport, it costs $17 per day to park in the economy lot. So, for a 5-day trip, that’s an additional $85. 

3 – Save money on fuel and/or lodging

For those traveling from Fremont County to Denver or Salt Lake City, the cost for fuel roundtrip will likely be somewhere in the range of $70-$120, if your vehicle gets about 20 miles/gallon and the price for fuel at the time of travel is around $2.50/gallon. Have an early morning flight and need to stay overnight in a hotel the night before you fly out? Figure in about $100 for a hotel room, unless you can crash with friends or family for the night. So, if you chose to fly out of Denver or Salt Lake City, you could end up with $200+ of additional costs for fuel and lodging. 

4 – Short security lines

You can be sure you’ll never have to spend a half hour or more waiting in line to go through security at Central Wyoming Regional Airport. But, especially as TSA, airports, and airlines implement additional screening measures in an effort to ensure health and safety of travelers, sometimes the lines and wait times at larger airports can be frustratingly long.

5 – It’s affordable

Since the arrival of United Express service operated by SkyWest Airlines, fares from Central Wyoming Regional Airport to destinations around the country are generally quite affordable and are also comparable with fares from other Wyoming airports. Although the fares from larger airports like Denver and Salt Lake City will still be lower in most cases, we encourage you to do the math. When all factors are considered (mileage cost, parking fees, value of your time, etc.), you may find that flying locally is the better option!

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