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Tips for Finding Affordable Fares from CWRA to Destinations Around the Country

If it’s been a while since you’ve flown from Central Wyoming Regional Airport (formerly Riverton Regional), here are a couple things you should know:

  1. As of January 2020, CWRA has United Express air service operated by SkyWest.
  2. Fares from Central Wyoming Regional Airport are more affordable than you might think.

How affordable are the fares from Central Wyoming Regional Airport? You can usually find roundtrip fares under $350 for at least 30 different destinations around the country.

Wondering how to find the best deals on flights? Google Flights is a great way to find low fares and quickly and easily see the prices for different date ranges.

Here are a couple tips for using Google Flights:

  • If you already know which destination(s) you’ll be flying to, but are somewhat flexible on dates
    • Enter Riverton (RIW) in the first box and your destination in the second box
    • Click on the date field and it will open a calendar view that allows you to view the prices for different date ranges so you can see which dates have the most affordable fares for that destination
  • If you’re flexible and are open to a variety of destinations as long as you can get a good deal, but have some idea when you’d like to travel
    • Enter Riverton (RIW) in the first box and leave the destination box blank
    • Enter the dates you’re considering traveling and then click the Search button
    • Drag the price slider to display destinations with fares under a certain price

Another option is to use the Map Search feature on United’s website to look for destinations with fares in a certain price range.

If you just want a good deal on a getaway and don’t really have a preference when or where, check our Flight Deals page for some great deals on fares for a variety of destinations and date ranges.

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